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Silly Question Regarding the West Papio Trail
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Only silly if not asked.

I usually go up the west side sidewalk along Millard AVE to the UHaul store and cross Millard AVE at 135 ST. The trail continues through the lumberyard district, but I usually cut north in the Dunkin parking lot to 134 Street and turn to the east. Ride that to Q Street and catch the trail again. Avoids traffic and people walking on the path in the Lumberyard district.


Hi everyone...I've got what's probably a very silly question. I'm fortunate enough to live within half a block of the West Papio Trail as it runs alongside Harry Andersen Avenue in Millard. I'm able to commute to work by bike, because the trail pretty much goes right by my office. But I've been wondering about the gap in the trail between Q Street and Millard Ave.

Running north to south, the trail pretty much ends at the parking lot of Hobby Lobby on Millard Ave, and then doesn't pick up again until Q Street near the Tyson packing plant. I'm routinely meeting other riders near either end of the gap, but I can't for the life of me understand how people are CROSSING the gap. Riding on Q Street in that vicinity would seem to be taking one's life in one's hand, and Millard Avenue isn't a whole lot better. Am I just not a confident enough rider yet, or is there some safe passage that I'm just not seeing on the map?

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